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GashiKu Organic Dropper

GashiKu Organic Dropper

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The organic dropper GashiKu has the combination of three extremely powerful ingredients for the regeneration of the scalp and the strand such as castor oil, coconut and argan, this formula that is a great growth accelerator potentiates the repairing effects of the scalp for alopecia or accelerated hair loss for different reasons, noticing its result after 15 days of its application.

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GashiKu Organic Dropper

It has a repairing and revitalizing effect that protects and deeply nourishes the hair, providing it with vitamins, minerals and highly beneficial hyaluronic fatty acids. In addition, it acts as a bactericide on dry scalp, which can cause dandruff, itching, irritation or premature aging.

The dropper does not contain fragrance.

Dropper Application

Moisten a cotton pad and apply to the entire scalp in the frontal area and above the nape of the neck.


  • 3 days before shampooing, if you have alopecia, severe hair loss, hair shaft or strand wear.
  • 1 day before the head for healthy hair maintenance, growth and strand repair.
  • If you have oily hair, use it at night and remove it the next day.

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Argan Oil, Castor Oil Communis, Coconut Nucifera Oil

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