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Complete GashiKu Line

Complete GashiKu Line

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Our GashiKu Complete Hair Line is made taking into account the components of hair, which are: 28% protein, 2% lipids and 70% water.

The line includes:

1 Shampoo, 1 Conditioner, 1 Mask, 1 Leave-In, 1 Shine Drop and 1 Organic + Oil Dropper.

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GashiKu Complete Line Details


Our shampoo has a triple action on the hair, purifying the strand, leaving it clean and moisturized at the same time, for the next step, the use of our conditioners.


Mask for damaged hair from dry to normal, restoring health to your hair, with its triple action, prevents hair loss, frizziness, giving life, shine, softness and looseness to your hair, noticing its effects from the 1st wash.


Made from organic products, rosemary verbena, aloe vera, organic oils that repair the hair strand, this mask deposits organic nutrients in the hair that act on the hair strand, recovering its thickness and strength, preventing hair loss and breakage.


Strengthens, softens, prevents hair loss, stimulates growth. It also regenerates the scalp and hair strands.

Shine Drop

By using the organic and scientific combination in its elaboration, it allows for a perfect finish giving shine, softness and a relaxing fragrance of pleasant freshness to the hair.

Organic Dropper + Oil

Antioxidant oil that strengthens, softens, prevents hair loss, stimulates growth by regenerating the scalp and hair strands.

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Grande, Small

Line content

Shampoo 32oz, Conditioner 32oz, Mask 16oz, Shine Drops 4oz, Dropper and Leave-in 16oz.


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